Feature spotlights

Technical Software Configuration Assistance

Delivers detailed advice on configuration steps such as RiskFlow, AlgoBatch, ARA configuration, advice on recommended changes to deploy, advice on Data Mapping between components, Advanced Host reconfiguration, LDAP, as well as migration assistance and DR testing assistance.

Technical and Financial Engineering Customization Assistance

Provides customized script investigations and assistance, user and reporting definition setup, advice on ad-hoc SQL queries to obtain specific data, customized RiskMapper Systems, Macros, Lookups, Scripts, symbols.xml, Mappings, guidance on short-term model advice, BIRT reports, templates and Workflows and assistance with Third-party configuration, as it relates to your implementation.

Technical and Financial Engineering Support Enablement

Provides general end to end batch flow enablement, financial engineering validation, health assessment, detailed technical troubleshooting, best practices for your solution deployment and advice on which patches and updates to apply.

Technical & Financial Engineering Support Block hours

Provides you with up to 8 hours of scheduled time with a Support Specialist that is familiar with your business challenges and goals and will provide personalized advice and general technical and financial engineering guidance to help improve your configuration and operations.