What it can do for your business

Support Value Add Offering for IBM Algorithmics assigns a Support Specialist to work remotely with you to provide personalized advice or answer questions not typically supported by your base support contract. Support may include up to eight (8) hours of extensive software configuration assistance, technical and financial engineering customization assistance and detailed technical troubleshooting steps to help optimize your solution readiness and performance. Click on Details tab for more information.
IBM Support Value Add Offering for IBM Algorithmics

Resolves challenges faster

Save time, remove obstacles and optimize your solution with personalized guidance and support.

Enhanced or improve your performance

Delivers personalized advice on focused custom additions, short-term performance tuning, configuration, upgrades or a general health assessment to demonstrate where improvements can be applied.

Enrich your knowledge and capabilities

Provides ad-hoc enablement from trained and experienced Technical and Financial Engineering Support Specialists who focus on your specific business requirements and personalized customization.