Expert single-source support for your NetApp equipment

IBM is a global NetApp Alliance Partner, so you can trust in our experience and global capabilities to provide outstanding support for your NetApp equipment. IBM® Technology Support Services for NetApp Products provides integrated services to consolidate your support contracts for NetApp and other vendors into one contract, resulting in reduced overall maintenance costs and a better return on investment. Since IBM uses the same systems as NetApp, we fully understand their products and offer seamless, cost-effective support.
IBM Technology Support Services for NetApp Products

Leverage our expertise

We equip you with cDOT-certified personnel that have achieved the same level of training that is required of NetApp engineers.

Single point of contact

Reduce communication cycles with access to one IBM representative who functions as your primary point of contact and trusted advisor.

Reduce IT support costs

Shift costs from data center support to other IT needs and free up your internal IT team by leveraging IBM’s multivendor support.

Key features

  • A strong partnership with IBM and NetApp
  • Single point of contact
  • Support configured to your needs
  • Expert service delivery
  • Innovative technologies for faster, better response