Feature spotlights

Fabric operating system and management software

The Fabric Operating System (FOS), included with SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2, contains all functions needed to operate a base system. These Gen 5 Fibre Channel base systems require FOS v7.1 or later to enable the advanced functions of Fabric Vision technology. The Enterprise bundle includes Adaptive Networking, Advanced Performance Monitoring, Extended Fabrics, Fabric Watch, Inter-Switch Link (ISL) Trunking, Server Application Optimization and Fabric Vision on top of base FOS functionality.

Data center connectivity over distance

SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 connect distributed data centers for data mobility and advanced data protection. These fabric backbones include integrated metro and global SAN extension capabilities to support application agility, business continuity and disaster recovery. The b-type director family with Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology is designed to provide high-speed replication and backup solutions over metro or WAN links with native Fibre Channel and optional FCIP extension support.

Reliability, availability and serviceability

SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 Fibre Channel backbones use Fabric Vision technology, which leverages hardware, FOS and IBM Network Advisor integration. It features advanced monitoring, diagnostics, reliability, availability and serviceability to minimize downtime, optimize performance and simplify administration. These highly efficient b-type directors help reduce data center power consumption, cooling requirements and carbon footprints – while providing greater performance and scalability.

Simplified scale-out network design

Networks are evolving in order to adapt to rapid growth and change in the server and storage infrastructure. SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 Fibre Channel backbones feature UltraScale chassis connectivity that leverages optical inter-chassis links (ICLs) to connect up to 10 Gen 5 backbones up to 2 kilometers apart, enabling flatter, faster and simpler fabrics that increase consolidation while reducing network complexity and costs.

Technical details

Software requirements

Please see the IBM System Storage SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 Fabric Backbone Redbooks Product Guide for the most current requirements:

    Hardware requirements

    IBM Storage Networking SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 specifications include:

    • Size for SAN768B-2: Width: 43.74 cm/17.22 in., Height: 62.23 cm/24.50 in., 14U.
    • Size for SAN384B-2: Width: 43.74 cm/17.22 in., Height: 35.60 cm/14.00 in., 8U.
    • Weight for SAN768B-2:103.38 kg/227.90 lbs. for 512-port configuration fully populated.
    • Weight for SAN384B-2: 69.00 kg/152.00 lbs. for 256-port configuration fully populated.
    • Enclosure: Rear panel-to-door airflow. SAN384B-2 ships with a 1U exhaust shelf.
    • Mounting: Rack-mountable in a standard 19-inch EIA cabinet.

    Technical specifications

    IBM Storage Networking SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 technical specifications include hot-swap components with redundant (active/standby) control processor modules (CPs), core routing modules, power supplies, fan modules, all Fibre Channel port blades, Extension blades, SFPs and QSFPs.

    • Product Numbers: SAN768B-2 (2499-816), SAN384B-2 (2499-416).
    • Fibre Channel interfaces: 16/10/8/4/2 Gbps ClearLink diagnostic technology.
    • Ports: D_Port (ClearLink diagnostic port), E_Port, EX_Port, F_Port, and M_Port (mirror port).
    • Warranty: One year. 24×7 same-day maintenance service options are available.
    See a complete list of technical specifications