Technical specifications

Product number


Hot-swappable components

Power supplies, fan modules, small form-factor pluggable


One-year, customer-replaceable unit (CRU); 24×7 same-day maintenance service options are available


4.37 cm (1.72 in) H x 43.94 cm (17.3 in) W x 51.08 cm (20.11 in.) D, 1RU; rack-mountable in standard 19-inch Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) rack


Fully configured chassis: 9.82 kg (21.65 lb)


Back to front (toward ports)


Available in an 8-port activated base model with different additional pay-as-you-grow scalability options. Enable incremental ports with:

  • 8-port 16G Bundle (FC 3201) – Initial order only. Provides eight 16G SW transceivers for the 8 enabled ports in the base.
  • 8-port 32G Bundle (FC 3202) – Initial order only. Provides eight 32G SW transceivers for the 8 enabled ports in the base.
  • 16-port 16G Expansion Module Bundle (FC 3203) – Includes 16 enabled ports and sixteen 16G SW transceivers.
  • 16-port 32G Expansion Module Bundle (FC 3204) – Includes 16 enabled ports and sixteen 32G SW transceivers.
  • 24-port 16G Enterprise Bundle (FC 3200) – Initial orders only. Provides 24 active ports and 24 16G SW transceivers, Enterprise License, 4 Fans, 2 PSU.

Up to 32 32-Gbps configurable ports.
Additional transceivers available through the T32 16-port expansion module (FC 3210).


  • Port speed: 4/8/16/32-Gbps autosensing with 32 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth per port
  • Buffer credits: Up to 8,300 for a group of 16 ports, with a default of 500 buffer credits per port and a maximum of 8,191 buffer credits for a single port in the group
  • PortChannel: Up to 16 physical links

Other optional features

  • Cisco MDS 9100 Enterprise Package – eDelivery (FC 7210)
  • Cisco MDS 9100 DCNM Advanced Edition – eDelivery (FC 7211)
  • Cisco MDS 9132T 8-port On-Demand – eDelivery (FC 7215)

Network management

  • Access methods
  • 2 Out-of-band 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
  • RS-232 serial console port
  • USB power-on-auto-provision
  • Access protocols
  • CLI using the console and Ethernet ports
  • SNMPv3 using the Ethernet port and in-band IP over FC access
  • Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S)
  • NX-API for restful access of HTTPS
  • Distributed device alias service
  • Network security
  • Per-VSAN RBAC using RADIUS and TACACS+-based authentication, authorisation, and accounting (AAA) functions
  • SFTP
  • SSHv2 implementing AES
  • SNMPv3 implementing AES
  • Management applications
  • Cisco MDS 9000 Family CLI
  • Cisco DCNM

Platform compatibility

For detailed information about hardware and software compatibility as well as product interoperability, please visit the IBM System Storage Interoperation Centre (SSIC)

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