What can IBM Petroleum Solutions for ProSource do for you?

IBM® Petroleum Solutions for ProSource enables you to access, share and analyze petrotechnical data more efficiently and cost-effectively. This powerful, agile data foundation is the result of a partnership between IBM and Schlumberger to provide an innovative on-premises National Data Repository (NDR) or Corporate Data Management (CDM) platform. These integrated solutions can meet your needs for better decision-making and economics with your choice of three pretested configurations—large, small and software-defined.
IBM Petroleum Solutions for ProSource

Improve integration

Manage all data as a single integrated online data collection with direct delivery into other business processes and interpretation workflows.

Simplify operations

Includes one-stop global support for faster and simpler problem resolution.

Increase revenue

Improves data quality, which drives higher efficiency and leads to quicker time-to-value

Process massive volumes of data

Delivers intelligent data lifecycle management tools proven to handle petabytes of data and billions of files.

Leverage modern technology

Offers one unified open architecture to support high-performance computing, big data and next-generation workloads, including cognitive.

IBM Petroleum Solutions for ProSource features

  • Large, small and software-defined configurations
  • Flexible and scalable compute, storage and networking
  • Security-rich storage
  • End-to-end data availability, protection and reliability