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IBM Managed Mobility Services streamlines the delivery, set-up, configuration, support and management of devices into your enterprise, while providing a personalized experience for your users.

Our solution helps establish and maintain governance, enabling over-the-air and zero-touch configuration as well as full enterprise integration for BYOD programs and corporate-owned devices. Build a user-centric environment for employees while managing the complexity, risk and costs inherent in dynamic, multivendor device environments.

Manage complexity

With central governance and management of devices and applications, you can free up your IT resources to focus on your core business needs - not passwords.

Compliant and secure

Apply, manage and enforce your corporate policies and security requirements.

Provide an app store

Set up and manage a corporate mobile application store that allows you to recommend or block specific apps based on policies, user roles and group permissions.

Personal choice

Improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Employ a simplified, subscription-based as-a-service model to manage the most popular devices and operating systems predictably and effectively.

User centric

Zero touch configuration. Personalized support. Instant productivity.

Key features

  • Mobile device management for provisioning and control
  • Broad support for most user devices
  • Containerization for secure access and lower risk
  • Custom app store for choice
  • Enterprise gateway for secure browsing
  • Security-rich content management available

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