Feature spotlights

Device simulation

Create up to five simulated machines to test a production instance.

End user mobility

Download the mobile app to claim up to five machines, issue command and control operations and receive failure notifications.

Device claiming

Create an association between an end user and a connected machine. Capture operational data to understand the “what.” Then map that data to a user ID to understand the “who.”

Capture both “what” and “who”

Quickly connect machines and pair them with a consumer or operator ID, giving you command and control, bidirectional notifications and engagement.

Discover the “why”

Easily visualize real-time data from one machine, or groups of machines. Enrich machine data with weather- and geographical location-based data to gain a deeper understanding of your connected products.

Capture more metrics

Gain insights needed to increase enrollment rates. Find out which machines are connected but have not been associated with an owner or operator – or those that connected but have failed to connect recently.

Customer case studies

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  • Turning Rotterdam into the "World's Smartest Port"

    Port of Rotterdam
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