Feature spotlights

Break down boundaries and transform data in any format

IBM® Integration Bus allows new and old applications to be fully integrated through a seamless messaging backbone. It provides assured delivery of data across a multitude of operating systems and environments with the speed and throughput to match any business requirement. This software also allows you to read and interpret data formats from other applications. You can perform conversion from one format to another or enrich message content by inserting additional information from other sources.

Benefit from industry-specific Packs

The IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack has prebuilt patterns and connections for rapid clinical application and device integration. The IBM Integration Bus Manufacturing Pack integrates heterogeneous IT and operational manufacturing systems—making information flow more quickly and reliably. The IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack enriches information from many sources and in different formats, and distributes it to multiple points. For more information on the Packs, see the use case section below.

Get smarter interactions

IBM Integration Bus allows you to import and convert existing IBM WebSphere® Enterprise Service Bus integration assets. It interacts with IBM WebSphere MQ by using connection policies, but you can use IBM Integration Bus without installing IBM WebSphere MQ. It allows you to share product extensions with the integration community, including an enhanced explorer configured to access a GitHub repository of IBM Integration Bus patterns.

Remove point-to-point connectivity

This software eliminates the need for point-to-point connectivity by enabling you to connect through an intermediary integration layer. This allows you to manage only two connections rather than a multitude. The result is that it helps you untangle costly and debilitating IT complexity.

Customize to meet business needs

This software creates REST APIs and uses new, graphical data mapper capabilities for the transformation of unmodeled data structures, such as JSON messages. You can integrate publish-subscribe-based applications using MQ Telemetry Transport messages and transform and model data structures with multiple new graphical data map and Data Format Description Language (DFDL) features. It allows you to create new application connectors and use them to create user-defined nodes.

Use a simple web-based interface

IBM Integration Bus offers single package installation and improved support for unit testing. It provides simplified administration with an improved web browser user interface, which includes new capabilities for deploying, creating, editing and attaching policy documents. You can reuse common resources, such as message models, subflows, Java and ESQL code in shared libraries that lead to significant memory improvements.

Get a single place for application integration

This software allows applications to remain unchanged no matter how many different applications connect with it. Since it is not tied to an application server, IBM Integration Bus provides rapid access to applications and data from all parts of your business. It enables application interfaces to be defined and connected to any other application through their interfaces. This saves time and eliminates errors caused by manual application changes.

Customer case study

  • Integrate SAP software with internal and external applications

    Delphi Automotive

How customers use it

  • IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack


    Healthcare organizations need to improve the quality of care and reduce manual errors by exchanging healthcare information with more efficiency—whether you are a healthcare provider, payer, payee or life sciences organization.


    This Pack provides prebuilt patterns and connections, enabling clinical application and device integration for more connected healthcare systems. This pack supports the integration of remote patient monitoring devices.

  • IBM Integration Bus Manufacturing Pack


    Manufacturers need to integrate heterogeneous IT and operational manufacturing systems—making information flow more quickly and reliably.


    This Pack aids configuration and deployment of information flows using a built-in, pattern-based approach. It accesses and transforms production automation data into industry application formats—enabling wider visibility of activity across networks.

  • IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack


    Retailers need to enrich information from many sources and in different data formats, and distribute it to multiple points. They also need to extract additional business value from data by interpreting it in near real-time.


    This Pack allows for events to be detected and actions to be performed while the data is still moving. It provides retail-specific patterns and tooling for connectivity and productivity, and integrates many retail application types and data formats.

Technical details

Software requirements

IBM Integration Bus requires an Internet connection and a workstation that are capable of supporting one of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer V11
  • Microsoft Edge latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox latest version
  • Google Chrome latest version
  • Apple Safari 8 or later

Hardware requirements

There are no hardware requirements for IBM Integration Bus.

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