IBM Information Management System 14 details

Easier application deployment and management

Change database schemas using standard data definition language. Load application control blocks from the IMS™ Catalog, eliminating DBDGEN, PSBGEN, and ACBGEN. Record information about how Open Database Manager processes database access requests. Users of extended architecture global transactions using IMS resource adapter can locate IMS and IMS Connect on separate LPARs. Refresh PWFI or WFI programs in dependent regions without the need to recycle the region.

Support for growing transaction and data volumes

Private storage required for open data sets for OSAM databases is reduced. Single IMS OTMA TPIPEs now support multiple active RESUME TPIPE requests, improving failover protection and increasing throughput. Abends previously associated with exhausted 31-bit storage for APPC clients are reduced by queueing support for 64-bit storage, which can also be exploited for IMS high-speed utilities.

Greater agility through dynamic change

Make dynamic changes, which increases IMS availability, to the IMS Connect configuration, MSC resources, and Fast Path DEDBs.

Improved integration of IMS and Db2® for z/OS

IMS and Db2® for z/OS® integration is more robust with the addition of a new user exit that resolves in-doubt threads and reduces the time that Db2 holds locks. New subsystem types for ESAF users help distinguish IBM® MQ and WebSphere® Optimized Local Adapter (WOLA) subsystems from Db2 for z/OS.

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Technical details

Software requirements

IMS V14 operates under z/OS V2.1 configurations, or subsequent versions, releases, and modification levels, unless otherwise stated, and requires the following minimum version, release, or modification levels: (See link for additional specifications and information.)

    Hardware requirements

    Processors: All IMS V14 products operate on processors capable of running z/OS V2.1, or later. Additional line-item requirement information is provided in the IMS V14 Release Planning publication.

      Technical specifications

      Key prerequisites: Certain functions in IMS V14 have the following prerequisites. See IMS V14 Release Planning for additional information on these and other prerequisites and dependencies.

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