Advantages of IBM Managed Platform as a Service

Get more control over your services

MPaaS allows an enterprise to enhance its existing business applications and migrate them to the cloud. The enterprise can design its deployment architecture on the cloud. It can procure the software-defined compute, storage, network, software and operating licenses, as well as the required skills and tools to monitor and manage – all within MPaaS.

Gain better order management

MPaaS lets you place new orders and modify or delete existing orders. You can generate reports to list order changes.

Enable greater pattern management

MPaaS allows you to provide configuration information for images and devices: operating system levels and service packs, software products and tools installed, middleware installed and hardware configurations for creation of patterns. It will provide specific flavors to be included in the portal.

Centralize activities through a portal

MPaaS provides a portal where you can order the services, monitor their infrastructure and track their spending. It allows you to order a new platform, change features to or from existing platforms, self-manage an existing platform, review performance and availability, track spending and request support professionals for assistance.

Enable hybrid cloud management

Manage multiple cloud platforms and provide a single console to get visibility into the hybrid cloud model.

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