IBM Z System Automation details

Maximize availability

Leverage high availability and automated operations support for IBM Z systems and IBM Parallel Sysplex clusters through flexible, cluster-wide, policy-based self-healing. Use IBM Z System Automation to start, stop and recover applications, systems and sysplexes. You can also automate applications across multiple sysplexes from a single console.

Minimize outages

Employ advanced application disaster recovery capabilities using IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) to manage remote copy configuration storage subsystems. You can also minimize outages with fast, reliable automatic recovery.

Optimize performance

Optimize system health and performance by applying goal-driven automation to simplify operations, minimize costs, and support business goals. You can reduce automation implementation time and cost by proactively managing availability through performance-driven automation. You can also improve problem resolution by leveraging automated alert notification and escalation.

Automate your enterprise

Monitor and control enterprise-wide processor hardware operations, including powering multiple target processors on and off, resetting them and performing all relevant system management tasks. Respond to messages, monitor status, and detect and resolve wait states, and manage your overall IBM Z system capacity.

Customize your dashboards

Manage and control apps running on multiple Parallel Sysplexes and Linux with the Service Management Unite Dashboard. Take advantage of modern, customizable dashboards to monitor and operate apps giving you a single point of control. You gain advanced problem resolution with pre-built and in-context commands, and single-step task execution. You can also directly interact with system logs and NetView Canzlog to filter messages and execute commands. Your users can run it on their mobile devices.

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