Transforms insurance process modeling

IBM Insurance Process and Service Models software is an industry template that enables you to define common business processes and services across the enterprise. The software consists of a set of best-practice business process models and service definitions to support core system renewal and integration projects.
IBM Insurance Process and Service Models

Aligns strategic objectives

Provides ability to align your business process management efforts with strategic objectives to ensure you are doing the right things for the right reasons.

Avoids process redundancy

Improves your time to market for new products and services by using validated processes and avoiding delays caused by repetitive, time-consuming process redundancies.

Streamlines regulatory compliance

Enhances your ability to ensure that complex regulatory compliance requirements and risk management needs are satisfied – potentially releasing capital for additional lending and investment capacity.

Reduces training and maintenance needs

Identifies processes that essentially do the same thing and therefore should be consolidated or eliminated. This reduces training and maintenance overheads, improves your cost-income ratio.

Increases customer satisfaction

Improves customer satisfaction, expands your customer base and reduces the cost of selling and servicing customers.

Key features

  • Transform your insurance business
  • Save time and money by fixing redundancies
  • Streamline many processes
  • Tap industry best practices
  • FlexPoint licensing

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