Technical specifications

System configurations (8335-GTB)


Two 8-core 3.25 gigahertz (GHz) POWER8 processor cards or
two 10-core 2.86 GHz POWER8 processor cards

Level 2 (L2) cache

512 kilobytes (KB) L2 cache per core

Level 3 (L3) cache

8 megabytes (MB) L3 cache per core

Level 4 (L4) cache

Up to 64 MB per socket

Memory Min/Max

4 gigabytes (GB), 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB DDR4 modules, 128 GB to 1 TB total memory

Processor to Memory Bandwidth

115 GB/sec per socket, 230 GB/sec per system (Max sustained memory bandwidth to L4 cache from Single Chip Module (SCM)
170 GB/sec per socket, 340 GB/sec per system (Max peak memory bandwidth to DIMMs from L4 cache)

Storage and input/output (I/O)

Standard backplane

2 small form factor (SFF) bays for hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state disk (SSD)

Media Bays


RAID Option

Software RAID

Adapter Slots

Three PCIe Gen3 slots: Two x16 plus one x8 PCIe Gen3; all CAPI enabled

I/O Bandwidth

64 gigabytes per second (GBps)

GPU Accelerators

Up to 4 NVIDIA Tesla P100 with NVLink GPUs

Power, RAS, system software and physical characteristics and warranty

Power Supply

200 V to 240 V

Reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) Features

Processor instruction retry
Selective dynamic firmware updates
Chip kill memory
ECC L2 cache, L3 cache
Service processor with fault monitoring
Hot-swappable disk bays
Hot-plug and redundant power supplies and cooling fans (no power redundancy with GPU(s) installed)

Operating systems (OS)*

Linux on POWER

System dimensions

441.5 W x 86 H x 822 D mm


3 year limited warranty; customer replaceable unit (CRU) for all other units (varies by country), next business day 9am to 5pm (excluding holidays), warranty service upgrades and maintenance are available.

* See facts and features document for detailed OS level support.

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