Feature spotlights

Address resiliency at business process level

Unlike DR solutions that focus only on the IT infrastructure level, IBM Resiliency Orchestration elevates resiliency to the business process level. It helps protect end-to-end business process dependencies across applications, data and infrastructure components, increasing the availability of your business applications. You can access necessary high-level or in-depth intelligence regarding RPO, RTO and the overall health of your enterprise IT continuity from a centralized dashboard.

Improve RTO and RPO

See your disaster recovery readiness in real-time, test execution status, and receive alerts based on your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). Automate your DR runbook and cut provisioning and testing time from hours or days down to minutes.

Automate drill failover management

Reduce DR exercise times and failover by as much as 75 percent with real-time readiness validation, across your hybrid IT environment. Built-in automated reporting, analysis and audit reports are available at the click of a button.

Build custom workflows using recovery automation library

IT recovery drills are fully automated and can be initiated with one click after you establish your workflows using a simplified, object-oriented editor. The workflow editor is connected to a recovery automation library (RAL) with over 450 industry-standard workflow patterns, which you can “drag and drop” to build custom workflows or to extend the pre-packaged recovery actions that help you meet your customer expectations and compliance requirements.

Complete DR lifecycle monitoring and management

Gain real-time insight into application data loss and recovery time. You can schedule validation runs on a regular basis and get reports of deviations that can impact IT recovery. Rapidly identify causes of recovery test failures. Easily design recovery workflows to meet service levels and RTO/RPO. Eliminate operational disruptions with offsite recovery preparation and testing.

Heterogeneous environment support

Recovery for enterprise applications that span multiple technologies, including hybrid, multi-vendor, physical and virtual environments, facilitating audit and compliance management.

Simplify and accelerate DR processes

Intelligently automated run-books and processes with predefined patterns for scaling up your DR, eliminating error prone, time consuming, complex manual processes and faster, efficient implementation.

Optional add-ons for managed services

Optional add-ons for managed services include Resiliency Orchestration consulting and Application and IT Discovery.

Air-gap protection and Immutable storage for Recovery

Air-gap protection reduces the exposure of data and Platform Configuration copies from the production network. Paired with Immutable storage technology, this helps prevent corruption from a cyberattack and ensures recoverability by not allowing changes to be made once they are saved.

Copy Data Management

Integration with Copy Data Management solutions provide full lifecycle management of point in time (PIT) snapshots through an automated workflow. The solution catalogues files and other IT objects making them easily searchable, providing the ability to distinguish where data copies are located in an IT environment, and leverage the most appropriate copy. Aided by Incremental-for-ever PIT copies, quickly restore objects such as files, directories and volumes.

How customers use it

  • Leading bank redefines their resilience capability

    Leading bank redefines their resilience capability


    Reducing the risk of IT outages and meeting strict regulatory requirements.


    With DR life cycle management service, the bank met business-defined resiliency goals via DR health checks, automation of DR drills, and validation checks, enabling them to reduce IT outages by 70 percent and compliance reporting time by 70 percent.

  • Large retailer ensures recovery readiness with orchestration

    Large retailer ensures recovery readiness with orchestration


    Ensuring recovery readiness of their critical applications.


    Our real-time DR monitoring and reporting provided their managers and executives with a realistic view of the recovery readiness of their critical applications. Automated DR drills helped in consistently meeting their resilience SLAs.

  • Diversified business corporation transforms DR

    Diversified business corporation transforms DR


    Meeting business-driven mandates for disaster recovery readiness.


    We provided a complete DR orchestration for the client’s business to minimize high dependency on experts, eliminate manual operator errors and help achieve simplified, predictable, cost-effective application recovery and meet resiliency goals.

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