How it works


IBM® Cloud Garage helps you to create personas and user stories to understand pain points.


Organize backlogs by priority to deliver the minimum viable product.


Use data to build user experience prototypes.


Deliver incremental value and validate with sponsor users.

Customer case studies

  • Blind marathoner Simon Wheatcroft

  • Tangerine

  • SilverHook

How customers use it

  • InXero


    InXero wanted to create a solution to help those small and midsize resellers, who may lack resources in their sales and marketing departments.


    Using the IBM Cloud platform, InXero provided a marketing and sales showcase platform for resellers, value-added resellers, distributors and manufacturers to help them showcase what they do and sell more with their partners.

  • Evolve to deliver rapidly

    Evolve to deliver rapidly


    Many organizations still develop using the waterfall method and complete one or two major releases each year. Or, they have started the move to agile development and have removed a few barriers, but find that silos still exist.


    The IBM Garage Method can help shift the culture and mindset of your organization, and help in adopting DevOps best practices so you can evolve and deliver more rapidly.

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