Feature spotlights

Architectural assets built upon a system meta-model

You are provided with a prescriptive structure to represent all solution architecture assets. This asset structure produces a consistent architecture model via the underlying system meta-model. This drives asset CONSISTENCY which greatly enhances the ability for organizations to PROMOTE and benefit from solution and pattern level REUSE. The meta-model insures that all architecture VIEWS are derived from the single SYNCHRONIZED architecture model.

Managed asset repository for collaboration and sharing

Architectural assets are stored in a repository. By default, any architecture created is private to the creator. This can then be explicitly shared with a team of collaborators, each with their own access role to support collaborative authoring and reviews. Assets can also be shared and discoverable via search in two ways - self-promoted via As-Is sharing or they can be curated and published to the “public/managed” side of the repository. This approach supports team and organizational reuse.

Simple browser-based UI

Designed as a single page web application to promote ease of use with no end-user installation or configuration. Along with its intuitive user experience, users can become productive quickly.

Architecture model available in MSOffice formats

In your organization, you will have stakeholders who are not interested in consuming an architecture model. Architect Assistant provides out of the box export into common office productivity formats, e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, to promote communicating with a broader audience. It also provides an Excel import template to support bulk loading of externally authored content.