Server scalability on IBM vs. commodity architecture

There are limits to what commodity architectures can do. If you expect surges in demand and don’t have room for downtime, licensing fees, tangled wires, or crashing on the day of your IPO, you might want to avoid commodity architecture. According to IDC, IBM has the right servers to support your unique strategy – and these servers have the flexibility to make your multicloud strategy a reality.

Scalable servers

Server scalability with IBM Power Systems

Take advantage of a scale-out infrastructure that lets you grow as you go. IBM scale-out servers fit in your data center, work well with emerging apps, and provide flexibility and value for a wide variety of mixed workloads – with easier management and less complexity than x86.

IBM Power Systems accelerated servers

Now you can deploy data-intensive workloads, such as deep learning frameworks and accelerated databases, with confidence. Combining the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire with the dependability IT requires, IBM Power System™ Accelerated Compute Series delivers unprecedented performance for modern HPC, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

IBM Hyperconverged Systems

IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix centralizes management of servers, storage, and software, eliminating the need for stand-alone storage systems. This hyperconverged-infrastructure solution combines Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform with IBM Power Systems to simplify demanding transactional and cognitive analytics workloads.


The IBM mainframe is renowned for taking Black Fridays in stride. IBM z14 rapidly responds to changes in business demands by reallocating resources automatically based on priorities, and by quickly and efficiently deploying new services. Supports up to 8,000 virtual machines with 32TB of memory and 170 dedicated processors.


Run multiple mixed workloads in parallel, gain up to 50% faster Java performance, and scale instantly to support up to 2M Docker containers – even during spikes in demand. Capable of supporting up to 58 billion database transactions per day, LinuxONE handles it all with up to 170 cores (equivalent to up to 1,000 x86 cores) on the fastest commercial processor.



The Caribbean’s largest processing company migrated to virtualization on IBM Z®.


A rapidly growing healthcare services company saves $1 billion and improves patient outcomes with IBM LinuxONE's server scalability and performance.


By migrating its platform from cloud servers to on-premises infrastructure based on IBM Power Systems, CipherHealth achieved huge gains in performance, improved reliability, and dramatically reduced costs.


JORI created a web-based 3D configurator running on IBM i, giving consumers and sellers realistic virtual previews that help close sales and accelerate manufacturing.