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Client success stories

These companies made the smart choice and saw immediate benefits. Read their findings.


insight into market trends to respond fast to shifting demand

60% faster
business processes with half the processor cores

Facing shrinking margins in a competitive market, shoe retailer HR Group gained a real-time view of its stock and sales, increasing efficiency and cutting unsold inventory.

30% faster

SAP ERP response time enables staff to work faster and more productively

20% quicker
email backup frees up resources and reduces impact on user performance

Component manufacturer VEKA ensures its core operations – production, logistics to sales and finance – work seamlessly together so it delivers high-quality products on time.

5x faster

analytics with 85% fewer processor cores

20x faster
SAP HANA provisioning

A retailer changes its entire business model, empowered by the capabilities of their new IT infrastructure.

Turn information into insights

Find out how running SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems gives you the best of both worlds.

IDC Report

Analysing oceans of data requires significant computing power, performance and speed. This paper explains how SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems gives you all that and more.

Mitigate risks

With SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, businesses gain mission-critical, 24/7 reliability, robust security and best-in-class resiliency. Find out more in our free e-book.

Don't wait to innovate

In a market traditionally restricted to x86, IBM Power Systems enables organisations to realise the true potential of their data in a fast and affordable way.

Making the switch

Here are some key topics to consider when migrating to SAP HANA.

It’s simpler. It’s better. It’s SAP HANA on IBM Power

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