AI is not simply one technology, rather it’s a set of technologies and building blocks. It’s essential that you strategically deploy your AI solutions, so you can extract accurate data from your training models. You must adopt a comprehensive framework for building your AI training models.


The Data-Train-Inference (DTI) AI framework unlocks the full potential of AI, accesses deeper insights, and drives stronger data-driven business decisions.


In order to prepare your data for training, clean, relevant and up-to-date data are key for unlocking valuable insights.


Optimize an algorithm to adapt to the underlying data you’ve curated, creating your own custom model.


Realize the value of your AI by using trained models to make novel predictions on new data to help you improve business processes.

Enterprise AI server solutions

Servers for training AI

Provides the data and compute-intensive infrastructure needed to deliver faster time to insights, creating an incredibly powerful training platform.

Servers for AI inference

Engineered to put your AI models to work and unlock business insights using optimized hardware and software.

Machine learning accelerator for AI

Makes deep learning and machine learning more accessible to your staff, and brings the benefits of AI into your business.

Accelerate AI vision deployments and increase productivity

Rapidly unleash the power of computer vision for inspection automation without deep learning expertise.

Storage for AI and big data

Storage for data and AI makes data simple and accessible for a hybrid multicloud infrastructure with AI storage solutions that fit your business model.

Lab services for Power Systems servers

IBM Systems Lab Services helps you deploy the building blocks of a next-generation IT infrastructure that empowers your business with the foundation of a smart enterprise.


AI knowledge and learning

A comprehensive inference system for AI

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