The nature of our world today means we interact with data on a minute-by-minute basis.

The data we create tells the story of our digital footprint, and we are bombarded with reminders of its prevalence. Questions about how data is collected, stored – on-prem, in the cloud or both – mined, and the ramifications of all of this, constantly crop up. Data is shaping our reality, so rather than add to the uncertainty, we want to offer answers, ideas and opinions. We want to offer wisdom.  

Technology as Enabler

Sally Eaves talks about the transformational role of technology in the wider context of our society. Digital transformation and societal transformation can go hand in hand.

Why Hybrid Data Storage Is Right for the Future

Storing your data wholly in the cloud might not be quite right for your business. Sally Eaves explains why a hybrid cloud model is the right choice for the future.

Data Storage: More for Less

The exponential growth of data is creating opportunities for businesses to be smarter with storage, access and replication.

How Businesses Can Be Smarter with Data

The exponential growth of data is creating opportunities for businesses to be smarter with storage, access and replication. Neil Cattermull highlights what’s to gain.

Innovate or Die: Uncovering the Right Data to Fuel Business Advantage

How can you best use your data to push into new innovation? Thomas Harrer explains.

Businesses beware: don’t delay your data value transformation any longer

Innovation means progress, but it also means challenges. Here’s what you need to consider.

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