How mobile technology in the pet industry is improving animals’ lives

By Wyatt Urmey

Mobile technology is changing the lives of both pets and people, and mobile apps are at the center of it. From RFID implants to GPS tracking, mobile technology in the pet industry is offering new safety and security solutions to pets and their owners. If you've ever had a dog that was a runner or an escape artist, or a cat that likes to explore the outdoors, you know the peace of mind these apps can provide you. One example is Finding Rover, which has used facial recognition technology to successfully bring dogs back together with their owners over 600 times, NPR reports.

This change extends to shelters for homeless dogs and cats. This shouldn't be surprising. With 85 percent of global executives across industries now convinced mobile is a catalyst to organization-wide innovation and 93 percent having dedicated innovation teams, we'd expect to see some push to innovation across all industries — especially when only 39 percent of these global execs say they believe they are outperforming their competitors. After all, it's still a dog-eat-dog world of disruption.

Mobile technology in the pet industry

The following are two examples of mobile innovation in the pet industry that are worth exploring:

  • Pets at Home, the UK's leading pet specialty retailer, offers a unique omnichannel experience for pet owners today using mobile. This includes an iOS app for iPad that is used across its 434 stores nationwide in the UK and more than 3,000 employees, making it easier and simpler for customers to purchase the products they need. "At Pets at Home, we're investing in innovative new technology to reinvent the retail experience for our customers," said Chris Holyland, e-commerce director for Pets at Home. "We want our consumers to be able to learn about and order the right products across every channel, and mobility is at the forefront of this transformation."
  • Rescue Bank is a great example of a small company that is using mobile technology to help pets on a large scale. It was able to scale a nonprofit organization to support the animal rescue and rehabilitation community with supplies and services. Rescue Bank uses a scalable mobile development platform for a field services app that manages real-time inventory and reduces errors, costs and handling times.

Mobile technology in the pet industry is providing organizations with a way to better manage their businesses, and as a result, are making pets' and their owners' lives better. Just like other organizations, both Pets at Home and Rescue Bank have been able to digitally reinvent with mobile to create more efficient and effective environments for their employees and volunteers.

This article was originally published on Mobile Business Insights.