Solution areas

Rethink the role of the store

Evolve the store and use advanced technology to serve today’s high-expectation consumers.

Reinvent the supply chain

Minimise the impact of global and local events on your supply chain.

Reach the consumer at each touchpoint

Use tech-driven marketing techniques to present customised messages and offers.

Who we work with

Staples uses voice ordering

Using artificial intelligence, the company transformed the Easy Button into an ordering ecosystem.

Boots inspires loyalty card holders

Boots uses IBM solutions to transform its vast quantities of transactional data into a valuable source of actionable insights.

Honeywell rethinks the role of the store

IBM and Honeywell have created an environment that intuitively understands the role of every customer.

Trends and News

How to bridge the supply chain innovation gap

Why is there an innovation gap seen around supply chain management and what is causing it?

Combining Internal and External Data for Insights, Forecasting and Visualisation

How can the application of data science help and why IBM MetroPulse could be used in this area

How retailers turn royal favour into big rewards

Events such as the royal wedding can have a massive impact on retailers

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