Engage staff and citizens virtually with Watson

COVID-19 created an unprecedented flood of information requests from patients looking for information on the virus but also key workers looking for information on childcare, workplace arrangements, testing and more. Find out how an AI virtual assistant can provide quick answers and alleviate resources.

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Reduce operational cost and ensure supply chain resiliency

Buyers and suppliers – including non-traditional suppliers joining the fight to help keep hospitals and key support organizations ready – need to be able to quickly find each other, accelerate verification and onboarding processes, and gain near real-time insights into inventories of life-saving equipment. Find out how IBM Rapid Supplier Connect™ can help.

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Address new cybersecurity risks

In light of the emerging security threats related to COVID-19, cybersecurity is key to protecting the availability of vital services. Discover solutions for assessing the cyber risks and deploying the right controls in a much shorter duration.

Vulnerability management services
Rapid cyber resilience assessment
Incident response and intelligence
Threat modelling for healthcare apps

Protect and enable your remote workforce

With remote working likely to last, device supply chain pressures are affecting deliveries at scale, remote access needs to be fast and secure, and as the attack surface widens, the infrastructure and data must be protected from compromise.

Device management

Powered by AI and analytics and integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, IBM Security MaaS360® with Watson™ supports remote working, helping you to manage devices in a consistent and secure manner with protection of data at the heart.

Cloud access management and authentication

Helps secure user productivity with cloud-delivered Single Sign On and multifactor authentication, with quick access to popular SaaS apps.

Internet security and privacy

Quad 9 collates cyber threat intelligence about malicious domains from public and private sources, blocking access when your system attempts to contact them.

Enterprise application access

Provides fast and secure remote access to private web applications from any device for quick scaling up for remote home and field-hospital users.

Fast, reliable file transfer

IBM Aspera on Cloud enables healthcare staff to move, share, sync and stream large sets of data and images securely, at high speed.

Device Procurement & Deployment

Simplify the procurement, fulfilment, staging, shipping, and refreshing of devices, while ensuring secure configuration within a safe environment.

Monitor the safety of those living independently

When carer resources are stretched or unavailable, patients who are self-isolating or social distancing, particularly those most vulnerable, require close monitoring. Karantis360's smart IoT platform helps care provider organisations ensure monitoring for indicators of risks to continued health and wellbeing of elderly and vulnerable patients.

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Work safe and work smart with Watson Works

Help guard the health and safety of your people. Learn about a return to the workplace framework, including workplace safety, facilities management, customer and employee care, cyber security to protect your workforce, and services to get you started.

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We're in this together. Discover new ways to fight the virus, stay informed and adapt to circumstances.