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Those who work in health and care fill essential roles in our society. But the health and care system is facing enormous change. It must reinvent itself in the face of new and increasing demands and limited resources.

We offer a unique combination of advanced technology solutions designed to help drive impactful change, services to digitally transform organisations, and the support of an experienced partner.

Solution portfolio

Cloud for healthcare

Unlock the full potential of cloud to free up your organisation to innovate, reduce risk and costs.

Health system security & resiliency

Help detect and respond appropriately to accelerating threats with robust cybersecurity.

The power of data & AI

Accelerate your journey to AI to unleash the value of data for smarter healthcare.

Digital Health Pass

Bring people back to your organisation's physical location by verifying health credentials in a way that is secured, verifiable, and trusted.

Better care insights

Free up more time for clinicians to focus on what they do best with advanced technologies for clinical trials, radiology and medication management.

Drive breakthroughs and demonstrate value

Transform drug development and advance your real-world evidence strategy with technology, services, and data.

Hear from your peers

NHS Digital

Boosting cybersecurity preparedness and resilience for the sake of patient care.

NHS Wales

Providing coronavirus advice for the public and clinicians with Watson-powered virtual assistant.

Department of Health & Social Care

Feeling the pulse of the nation with highly efficient correspondence management.

Unlocking the full potential of data and AI

Watch the video miniseries [3 to 7 mins each]

Unlocking the full potential of data and AI is a key part of digital transformation in healthcare. This video series breaks down different elements for consideration, starting with a look at the challenges that healthcare organisations are facing. Heather Fraser, Global Lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences at IBM's Institute for Business Value speaks to Mark Davies, Chief Medical Officer at IBM and IBM Watson Health. (6:41)

Open the tabs to view the rest of the video miniseries.

Part 1: Putting data strategy first

Healthcare organisations today are dealing with a high volume and wide variety of complex data that's difficult to process. How can we drive insights from broader data sets to really make an impact where it counts? (3:24)

Part 2: Building data architecture, data sharing and transparency

As healthcare organisations build out and improve data strategy, key design principles to consider are focusing on actionable data, creating patient-centred data that's linked, and built on the principles of trust and transparency. (4:32)

Part 3: Opportunities for resiliency and innovation with cloud

Cloud is well tested in other industries; we look at why digital transformation in healthcare tends to lag behind, and the opportunities that open, multicloud architecture can bring for healthcare organisations such as innovation and resiliency. (5:01)

Part 4: Using AI to drive value from data sets

Artificial intelligence can augment the role of humans in the healthcare environment, helping to manage complexity and free up time, but it can also provide new opportunities for engaging with services to improve the experience of both citizens and providers of care. This discussion considers different uses for AI and virtual assistants from leading UK hospitals. (5:56)

Part 5: Protecting data security & privacy

How has digitisation impacted data security in healthcare, and can transparency around population health benefits help engender public trust in data sharing? (7:10)

Part 6: Cybersecurity in a complex healthcare IT estate

The IT estate for a typical healthcare organisation is not simple. They can often be operating on hundreds of complex systems, including legacy systems, which can hold sensitive, personal and often life sustaining information. To what extent can cybersecurity in healthcare be considered a clinical safety issue, as well as a governance and security issue? (3:59)

Practical insights

What is the "Smarter Hospital" concept?

There's an opportunity to really think afresh about the role our hospitals can play, enabled by digital capability. It's not simply about the building, but the hospital at the heart of a local health and care ecosystem as part of a coordinated approach to clinical services.

Practical advice on cloud for healthcare leaders

Hear IT leaders from the NHS and others share practical steps to take when planning a journey to cloud, some of the barriers often experienced, how to manage them, and how to approach accountability for data security.  And find out the benefit of cloud to healthcare organisations, their staff and patients alike.

Advance your evidence strategy with global real-world data.

With increasing availability and more diverse real-world data (RWD), pharmaceutical and medical device companies are recognising the value of using the right data sets, asking the right questions, and engaging trusted partners to meet their business needs. Learn how local and international RWD can drive research and commercialisation.

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