Public safety and the cloud

As public safety agencies navigate the ever-increasing complexity in which they operate, a world class public safety hybrid cloud is needed. From racial injustice and bias to officer health and safety, public safety agencies are dealing with socially challenging and operationally disruptive forces, especially regarding technology and a tsunami of data. Budget reductions continue to hamper law enforcement's ability to analyze and share the right data with the right people at the right time.

To remain relevant and address top issues, transformational technologies around 4 critical areas are needed:

  • Strengthening police-community relations
  • Protecting officers’ safety and health
  • Responding to technological change
  • Information sharing and use

The IBM Digital Policing Platform leverages the power of hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and intelligent workflows to achieve mission objectives in serving and protecting citizens. 


Confidential computing

Protect data during processing with a hardware-based, secure enclave within a CPU for end-to-end data security.

Cloud computing in law enforcement

Positively affect the productivity and efficiency of justice and public safety agencies with the cloud.

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