Change business from the ground up

The electronics industry is infusing intelligence into products and connecting them to everything. Companies that figure out how to turn that data into actionable insights will create new business models and deliver greater value to customers.

71 percent

of electronics CxOs expect more emphasis on customer experiences than products.*

Solution areas

Power a smart factory

Boost factory productivity and product quality more effectively with IoT and AI-based solutions.

Optimize your supply chain

Improve existing systems for greater supply chain visibility, transparency and insights.

System engineering

Deploy faster by managing a wide range of requirements with compliant, traceable solutions.

Connect experiences

Reinvent customer service and avoid disruption with IBM's expertise and AI-enabled products.

Enterprise transformation

New industry applications and modern infrastructure help extend your SAP solution capabilities.

AI for call centers

Increase customer intelligence to enhance your contact center with IBM AI-enabled technologies.

Who we work with

NetApp created the Elio With Watson™ virtual assistant, which uses IBM® Watson® Assistant technology on IBM Cloud™ to interact with customers through digital channels in real time.

Elio helps make what we know more accessible to our customers so that they can stay focused on their own digital transformations.

Ross Ackerman,Director of Digital Support Strategy, NetApp

Expert insights

Electronics were once the main event. Today, it's content, and the need for platform strategy is more crucial than ever. IBM Global Electronics Industry General Manager Bruce Anderson explains how electronics companies can enable their products and people to live in a platform world.

IBM Technology

Accelerate transformation and keep pace with your customers' expectations. IBM's advanced technologies keep your business competitive and innovative.


With IBM Cloud™ and analytics solutions, you can tap into data from connected products to understand, anticipate, and act on customer needs.

Artificial intelligence

Uncover deep connections throughout your data to innovate products and enhance operations using advanced AI.

Internet of Things

Infuse software and intelligence into devices and connect everything with IBM Watson IoT™ solutions to redefine the customer experience and create new services.


Increase transparency, speed transactions, and build trust with suppliers, partners and customers throughout your value chain with IBM Blockchain solutions.

Trends and News

The little known story of the first IoT device

How some techies tinkered with a soda machine and casually made history.

Blockchain benefits for electronics

Tame complexity with better supply chain visibility.

Using data by design

Through Digital Reinvention™, electronics companies can combine digital approaches and data by design to change business from the ground up.

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*Source: IBM Institute for Business Value, "Incumbents Strike Back." March 2018