The evolution of digital transformation in banking

The current coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformations in banking. But to keep up with changing times and stay ahead of potential future disruptions, the banking industry needs to adjust business models for both front-facing and back office operations. Adopting the latest technologies, including blockchain, cloud computing and IoT, is at the foundation of true digital banking and a full transformation.

At the heart of any transformation strategy is the consumer. With interest rates near 0%, banking fees decreasing dramatically, and customer expectations expanding, financial institutions need to optimize their big data to automate business processes and reduce costs. By modernizing their applications with artificial intelligence, cloud technology and automation, banks can rapidly develop omnichannel products, services and functionality. This helps improve the user experience and deepen trust and loyalty. IBM can guide you through a successful digital transformation.

Banking digital transformation case studies

DBS Bank
How to make banking services “invisible” with digital technologies for a seamless customer journey.

Isbank Turkey
Isbank migrated servers, apps and operational data to a digital platform without disruption to critical services.

Learn why IBM Z® is the right platform for Citibank to stay ahead of accelerating threat landscapes.

Banking digital transformation solutions

Journey to cloud for regulated financial institutions

A digital transformation in banking unlocks the speed and innovation of the cloud from anywhere while addressing regulatory compliance, security and resiliency requirements.

Accelerate your agility and participate across your desired ecosystem

Modernizing applications helps make the banking sector agile especially for core systems, with faster speed to market, security and resiliency.

Leverage AI to fuel your banking digital transformation

Banks that implement a well-rounded digital transformation strategy create intelligent workflows that utilize AI and data to enhance both employee and customer experiences.

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