16th October 2019
Olympia London

Developers@Think London. Code. Learn. Network.

Introducing the Developer track at Think London 2019, a day full of networking, talks, workshops and demos by developers for developers, with the Head of Developer Advocacy for Europe, Mo Haghighi as your host with special guests including IBM Global Chief Developer Advocate Willie Tejada.

  • Workshops: Learn about technologies that can help you do your job better, with our hands-on BYOD workshops.
  • Experience Zone: Interact with our range of tech demos, talk with the developers who created them, and network with other developers.



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09:30 – 10:15

Welcome and opening Keynote

Chapter2 of the digital reinvention

The Cloud is now about scaling digital and AI everywhere in the business, modernisation and moving mission critical applications to the cloud and responsible stewardship. Join Bill and IBM clients as they explore Chapter 2 of the digital reinvention.


Bill Kelleher

Bill Kelleher

Bill Kelleher is the IBM Chief Executive in the UK and Ireland (UKI). He is responsible for IBM’s operations across the UKI and for leading the transformation to a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company. As one of IBM’s largest international operations, the UKI has significant core capabilities in data and analytics, cloud, mobile, social and security – empowering clients to unlock new insights and usher in a new era of cognitive business. Bill has more than twenty years of global leadership and industry experience having held a number of executive and leadership roles across the United Kingdom, Europe and Globally. He has primarily operated in market facing roles which have previously included strategic client leadership, Vice President - European Communications Sector, Vice President - Small & Medium Business Sector and multiple Vice President and General Manager roles across IBM's Global Services businesses.

Most recently, Bill was IBM's Global Managing Director for the Telecom, Media & Entertainment Industry. Through his position he held end-to-end responsibility for the company’s business and relationships with IBM's telecommunications, media and entertainment clients around the world. In addition to his responsibilities, Bill is a serving member of the IBM Chairman’s global Growth and Transformation Team and Performance Team which is responsible for shaping and developing IBM’s corporate strategy and performance. He additionally served as a foundational member of the IBM Client Experience Team from 2012 through to 2014.

10:15 – 10:45

Guest Keynote – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

11:00 – 11:25

Developers rewrite the script of how we do business

IBM is laying the building blocks built on open source innovations that will empower generations of developers for years to come. In this keynote, Mo Haghighi, Head of Developer Advocacy for the UK and Ireland, will facilitate a frank and honest dialogue about what the future holds for software developers everywhere. Mo will welcome special guests including Willie Tejada, IBM's Chief Developer Advocate to share chapter two of open source, cloud native development.


Dr. Mo Haghighi

Dr. Mo Haghighi

Dr. Mo Haghighi is IBM’s head of Developer Ecosystems in Europe, former Research Scientist at INTEL and former Java and Open Source developer at Sun Microsystems. He leads several teams of developer advocates in Benelux, DACH, UKI, France and Israel, as well as overseeing all advocacy operations and DevRel activities across Europe. Mo's expertise primarily lies in the areas of distributed computing, blockchain, embedded systems and AI, with several publications and patents in those areas. He has been involved in various projects involving the UK government, European commission and large technology corporations around IoT, AI and network security. Mo has been a regular speaker at IEEE/ACM conferences, JavaOne, Pycon, DevRelCon, CloudConf, The Next Web, Open Data Science Conference and O’Reilly.

Hands-on workshops

Join our master inventors and product developers for some quality hands-on time with the latest tech from our UK Lab Campus teams.

11:35 – 12:45

Microservices made easy with MicroProfile and Open Liberty

The cloud is changing the way we create applications, but it does not have to be a difficult change. Utilising MicroProfile can help you create amazing cloud-native microservices that solve some of the big issues with microservices. What do I do when I cannot talk to another microservice? How do I document all my API endpoints? How do I monitor all the communications between my microservices? Are my services even healthy? This is what MicroProfile can solve with very few lines of code, and what you will learn if you come along to this workshop. Combined with Open Liberty and the OpenJ9 JVM, this gives you a fully open source stack to build your microservices on. Open Source for the win! This workshop will go through what MicroProfile can do, and allow you to play with the MicroProfile technologies you are most interested in.


Jamie Coleman

Jamie Coleman
Developer Advocate - WebSphere-Liberty/Open-Liberty/MicroProfile

Jamie is a software developer and Evangelist for WebSphere Application Server and Open Liberty based at IBM’s R&D Laboratory in Hursley, UK.


14:00 – 15:10

Reactive in practice: event-driven systems development in Java

An introduction to designing, developing and deploying reactive systems in Java using event storming and domain-driven design.

The term ‘Reactive System’ originally comes from the Reactive Manifesto, a short set of guiding principles on how to build responsive, scalable, self-healing systems that are cloud-native.

This lab will be an introduction to building reactive systems by re-thinking IBM’s Stock Trader microservice reference architecture as a reactive system from the ground up.

At the end of this lab you should understand the fundamentals of reactive systems development and gain hands-on experience in implementing a reactive systems architecture. This will enable you to create enterprise software that is responsive, scalable and resilient under all circumstances, including hardware failure, spikes of traffic and other unexpected events.


Jeremy Hughes

Jeremy Hughes
Software Architect for DevOps at IBM

Jeremy Hughes has spent his career bringing new, and sometimes difficult technologies to market; integrating IBM’s Liberty app server with open source and industry standard DevOps tools such as Chef, Puppet, Maven, Urbancode; integrating Enterprise OSGi technology into WebSphere and along the way jointly founding the Apache Aries project. He founded and led the Europe arm of the Extreme Blue summer intern program for incubating product prototypes and their business cases. More recently he has integrated Jenkins with Kubernetes, Docker, GitHub & Liberty in the CI/CD DevOps pipeline within the Microservice Builder product, and is now technical lead for the Reactive Platform product from IBM. He is an IBM Lab Advocate, helping customers make the most effective use of WebSphere products.


15:20 – 16:30

An introduction to Cloud Native Development with Kabanaro

Get hands-on experience with emerging open source technologies designed to help make your Cloud Native life a lot easier.

Whether in a Dev, DevOps or Ops role it's hard to navigate the rough seas of modern development pipelines and actually deliver working code. In this workshop, you will learn the basics behind the Kabanero project, and see how it speeds development of applications built for Kubernetes, while meeting the technology standards and policies your company defines.


Steve Poole

Steve Poole
Developer Advocate (Runtimes)

Steve Poole is a lead engineer and DevOps practitioner with IBM, where he leads a large team of engineers on cutting-edge DevOps exploitation. He’s been working on IBM Java SDKs and JVMs since Java was less than one year old. He’s also had time to work on other things, including representing IBM on various JSRs and being a committer on various open source projects at Apache, Eclipse, OpenJDK, and beyond. He’s also a member of the Adopt OpenJDK group, championing community involvement in OpenJDK. Steve is a seasoned speaker and regular presenter at JavaOne, JAX, Devoxx, and other conferences on technical and software engineering topics.


Graham Charters

Graham Charters
Developer Advocate and Master Inventor

Graham works as a Developer Advocate in the WebSphere Applications Server development team based at IBM’s R&D Laboratory in Hursley, UK. He takes a keen interest in emerging technologies and practices, in particular programming models. His past exploits include establishing and contributing to open source projects in PHP and at Apache and participation in, and leading, industry standards at OASIS and the OSGi Alliance.

Hands-on workshops

Our Developer Advocates are here to help every developer code something amazing today.

11:35 – 12:45

Chatbots 101 with Watson Assistant

Chatbots in conversation windows are now something a lot of websites use to greet and engage visitors. During this workshop you’ll learn about:

  • When you should use a chatbot (and when you shouldn’t)
  • What makes a good chatbot
  • How to easily create one using the Watson Assistant service

Everyone is welcome! – no previous coding experience required


Arlemi Turpault

Arlemi Turpault
Developer Advocate

Arlemi is a Developer Advocate for IBM, focusing on Watson Developer Cloud and Data Science. He previously worked as a Software Engineer working on various Web and Mobile projects and doing R&D for Augmented Reality technologies. As a strong believer in the power of Open Source, Arlemi loves discussing, learning and sharing about technology.


14:00 – 15:10

Serverless Voice Assistants

Devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are gaining huge popularity in the home. Not only do they let you build your own applications on top of them, but they are fantastic use-cases for Serverless computing. Join us for this hands-on workshop and learn how to build skills for home voice assistants.


Ed Shee

Ed Shee
Developer Advocate

Ed is a Developer Advocate for working in the London City Team. He has a focus on cloud native computing and works extensively with Docker, Cloud Foundry and Node.js. Ed plays Lacrosse regularly for one of the top UK teams.


15:20 – 16:30

Hands-on Introduction to Data Science with Watson Studio

Pandas is one of the main Python open source libraries for manipulating and analysing structured data and one of the first things to learn to get started with data science. You can use these all with IBM Watson Studio without any setup or previous knowledge needed. This workshop is an introduction to a widely used data science tool where you will learn about Jupyter notebooks, Pandas data structures, transforming and exploring data, and creating data visualisations. Join our resident Data Scientists for this hands-on workshop.


Dr. Margriet Groenendijk

Dr. Margriet Groenendijk
IBM Data Science and AI Developer Advocate

Margriet is a Data & AI Developer Advocate for IBM. She develops and presents talks and workshops about data science and AI. She is active in the local developer communities through attending, presenting and organising meetups. She has a background in climate science where she explored large observational datasets of carbon uptake by forests during her PhD, and global scale weather and climate models as a postdoctoral fellow.


Hands-on workshops

Hone your open source skills with our team of contributors.

11:35 – 12:45

Serverless Workshop with IBM Cloud Functions (Apache OpenWhisk)

This workshop will teach you how to develop serverless applications, composed of loosely coupled microservice-like functions, using an open-source serverless platform. By the end of the workshop, you should be set up with a development environment and learnt how to create and invoke actions, work with parameters and logs and optionally learnt how to use and publish packages.


14:00 – 15:10

Accelerating CI/CD in a cloud native environments with Tekton

Tekton (previously known as Knative Build), is a Kubernetes-native open source framework for creating continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) systems. It lets you build, test, and deploy across multiple cloud providers or on-premises systems by abstracting the underlying implementation. Learn more about setting up Tekton pipelines, how they can work with existing third-party tools and the various build and deployment workflows and rollouts. See Tekton in action as part of the open source Kabanero platform.


Anita Rass Wan

Anita Rass Wan
DevOps Tribe Leader, IBM Hybrid Cloud

Anita Rass Wan leads the Hybrid Cloud DevOps team developing technology to help customers improve their continuous integration and deployment experience. Anita has held various senior positions in development, release management and product management. She has published various papers, blogs and has disclosures and patents in application development and performance tools.


15:20 – 16:30

Containers 101

If you’re a Software Developer, chances are you’ve heard of micro-services, Kubernetes, or Docker at some point in time. The industry has accepted each of these concepts as the de facto standard for modern software development due to the various advantages over traditional VM virtualisation, but where did this all begin? This is a workshop aimed at people who have no experience with (Docker) containers, who want to know how they can get started with creating and running their own containers.


Mofe Salami

Mofe Salami
Developer Advocate

Mofe is a Developer Advocate in the London City team. As a Software engineer he has a background with Java and experience working in an agile development team practicing Dev Ops and building cloud native micro-services on Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Private. Mofe is passionate about game development and mobile application development.


17:00 - 18:00

Closing Presentations