How can you improve business performance by automating the right things, breaking down automation silos and exploiting AI to accelerate the pace of change?

Imagine for a moment - you’ve been tasked with driving automation into your business to reap the promised benefits of reduced costs and improved productivity - but take a step back and think: have you realistically quantified that what you plan to automate is going to deliver the predicted benefits; how do you know if it’s even the right place to start?

Are you looking holistically at how will each individual effort works together, avoiding islands of automation that either add as much complexity as they solve or don’t scale across the enterprise? On top of this, are you being asked to meet your organisations sustainability goals?

Leading consultants indicate that corporations will waste billions on idle cloud resources each year (effectively leaving the lights on when no-one’s home) and having cloud instances sized larger than you necessarily need, all the time costing your company money.