Turn your AI aspirations into business outcomes

Discover how to unlock the value of your data and infuse AI throughout your business with intelligent workflows.

Join one of our European Virtual Data and AI Summits for the latest information on current offerings, new releases, and the future direction of the IBM Data and AI portfolio. Whether you're an executive, a business user, a data scientist, a technical expert, a new customer, a seasoned pro, or still deciding which path to take, there's a place for you at any of the Virtual Data and AI Summits.

Customers and Business Partners across all roles and industries can learn how to drive smarter decisions, formulate more effective strategies and turn their AI aspirations into business outcomes.

Three reasons to attend IBMs Virtual Data and AI summits:

Be inspired.
Learn strategies from thought leaders and industry experts who will illuminate better paths to business performance with data and AI.

Expand your network.
Virtually network with other experts and leaders in the industry. Participate in online one-on-ones and  roundtables to gain insights and new contacts.

Learn from experts.
Discover new ways to leverage Data and AI solutions through sessions, roundtables, workshops, activations and demos.

Main agenda topics at the events

The IBM Virtual Data and AI Summits features multiple tracks of content that convey best practices and success stories to help you learn how to unlock the value of the data, empower the employees with AI and build an information infrastructure for changing times.

The agenda consist of three tracks with multiple sessions:

  • Make data accessible and business-ready
  • Build and scale AI with trust and transparency
  • Operationalize AI throughout your business to create intelligent workflows

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