Enhance the value of your app with embedded analytics

The average yearly increase in deal
size for solution providers using
embedded analytics

The year-over-year revenue growth for
organizations using IBM Embedded

The approximate return generated
by every dollar invested in analytics

4 Steps to embedding with IBM


See how embedding IBM Analytics into your app can help you grow revenue.


Begin building analytics capabilities into your solution.


Get $750 of free IBM Cloud credits for new embed users.


Expand your business with technical and go-to-market support.

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Build a modern, hybrid data warehouse architecture to enable proactive decision making, reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase business user agility.


Save time and effort building data warehouse infrastructure.

Case study

See how BPM Northwest uses Db2 Warehouse on Cloud to help clients extract lightning-fast insights from their data.

How to

Learn how to analyze time series Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data using a cloud-based data warehouse.

Get started

Use Db2 Warehouse on Cloud as a data source for your IBM Cloud apps and services.

Watson Analytics

Build advanced analytics into your application, without the complexity. Smart data discovery, predictive analytics, and guided insights in one click.


Learn the basics of smart insights with Watson Analytics.

Case study

Media investment firm GroupM used Watson Analytics to transform marketing services and increased conversation rates for their customers within just one month.

How to

Read how marketers are using social media analytics.

Get started

See use cases, learn about the technology, start developing, get the code.

The inside line on embedded

Discover how embedded solutions can deliver new ways for you to scale your business and anticipate changes in customer demands. In this video, IBM’s embedded solution business unit director Anke Philipp details the potential of a successful partnership.

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