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When you build with IBM, we support you throughout the development cycle and can help you find new clients once your app is ready to take to market.

Explore our products, use free code to start building, access our team of technical experts, and let us help you create demand for your solution through marketing support and our extensive ecosystem of clients and partners.

4 steps to embedding IBM technology


See how our embedded technologies can give your business an edge.


Develop with our AI, IoT, data, and mobile services.


Get $750 of free IBM Cloud credits for new embed users.


Expand your business with technical and marketing go to market support.

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Accelerate your rate of data monetization with IBM embedded analytics.




Embed cognitive APIs into your applications to increase user engagement and improve their experience.


Develop embedded solutions with IBM Cloud, the only open and trusted hybrid cloud platform.

Case Study: Sofia EUROPA, build with IBM

See how one French service provider used embedded solutions to give their customers confidence and security. Sofia EUROPA benefitted from fresh ideas and fast completion so their clients were the first to gain from new innovation.


Embed now and get $750 of free IBM Cloud credits

The Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) provides partners with a vehicle to create unique solutions with IBM technology, and market the solution to its down-stream customers faster and with better cost efficiencies.

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