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DataOps platforms for better, faster data

Your data is everywhere, and that's part of the problem. Siloed data becomes an even bigger problem when your data and development teams also work in silos, causing a slow response to any incident. This lack of collaboration affects other areas of your business, too, from bug fixing to goal setting, making overall data use and operations inefficient.

With an IBM DataOps platform, you can eliminate the distinction between data- and development-focused teams through collaborative work to develop an overview of the data acquisition journey. As a result, incident responses will accelerate, bugs will be fixed faster, and a cohesive team will be able to set and update performance goals in real-time. Your data will be agile, accurate and efficient from end to end.

IBM named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Quality Solutions


DataOps platform benefits Solve inefficient data-generation and processing problems and improve poor data quality caused by errors and inconsistencies with IBM DataOps platforms. End-to-end efficient data

Access agile software to curate, govern, manage and provision data—connected and optimized at every stage of the data lifecycle—across the entire supply chain.

Secure and compliant data

Apply controls for automated, customizable data quality, masking, tokenization and more so data is protected and compliance-verified at every step of its journey.

Lower data costs

Offer stakeholders self-service access. This quality will make data easily discovered, selected, and provisioned to any destination while reducing IT dependence, accelerating analytic outcomes and lowering data costs.

Use cases

Data compliance and privacy Comply with complex regulations and protect sensitive data more effectively by automating and integrating data governance, data quality and policy management. Read: How to turn data compliance into a foundation for innovation

Drive business insights Discover DataOps solutions that can monetize your data and deliver up to 87% savings in development costs with automated design. Read: Three DataOps strategies to monetize your data


Case studies

DataOps case studies See and hear how IBM clients use our DataOps platform solutions to help themselves and their clients. Tailoring customer solutions at scale

Modernizing its information architecture allowed Flagstar Bank to provide faster and more accurate data to its customers through their customized solutions.

Watch Flagstar Bank's Data Quality Architect speak (1:47)
Protecting customer privacy and beyond

While applying customer data privacy practices as part of data governance, Vanguard also became a digital transformation leader in its industry.

Watch Vanguard's Senior Solutions Architect speak (1:07)
Serving Sonoma County residents

With a master data management platform, Sonoma County could connect four disparate data pools of 91,000 clients to serve their community better.

Watch Sonoma County's Department of Health Services Director speak (1:45)
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