IBM DemandTec products

IBM® DemandTec® products, now IBM marketing software, can quantify consumer behavior to help you make predictive merchandising and marketing decisions that boost sales, profitability and loyalty.

IBM Price Management (formerly DemandTec Price Management)

Execute your pricing strategies quickly with automated tasks that enforce compliance with pricing goals.

IBM Price Optimization (formerly DemandTec Price Optimization)

Pinpoint the optimal prices across channels to help achieve sales, volume, profit and price image goals.

IBM Markdown Optimization (formerly DemandTec Markdown Optimization)

Optimize profit and inventory levels by identifying the ideal timing and pricing for clearance merchandise.

IBM Deal Management (formerly DemandTec Deal Management)

Streamline trade promotions processes with automated features for both retailers and manufacturers.

IBM Advanced Deal Management (formerly DemandTec Advanced Deal Management)

Improve the online deal management experience with extensive features tailored for manufacturers and brokers.

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IBM Price Management

Automate the most cumbersome, time-consuming pricing tasks.

More IBM marketing tools

Omni-channel merchandising

Quantify consumer behavior for better predictive merchandising and marketing decisions.

Personalized Marketing

Provide seamless personalized experiences across channels to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and sales.