Get started on IBM Cloud

The single-node trial for migration and modernization is a quick way for you to get started on IBM Cloud™. Use your trial to quickly migrate VMware workloads into the IBM Cloud, and then modernize a few simple workloads using containers.

This trial includes IBM Cloud Private Hosted and VMware HCX on a single node VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud instances. This proof-of-concept solution makes it affordable to migrate VMware VMs to the IBM Cloud and then modernize them through Kubernetes, all with full stack control. Take advantage of the speed and scale of cloud while maintaining the same level of control and visibility that you enjoy on premises. 

IMPORTANT: This single-node trial instance is for Proof of Concept only. Do not run production workloads on this environment. The trial is intended for up to 90 days of use and will be automatically deleted.


How to order

See a walk-through of the ordering process including details on pricing, servers, storage capacity and network interfaces.

How to manage

Learn how to provision your trial, monitor and manage the status, and get migration assistance.

How to install HCX

Watch a step-by-step guide for installing and using VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) to migrate your workloads.


IBM Cloud Expert Services

IBM Cloud experts can walk you through the migration process, and help you get the most out of your trial.

IBM Cloud Garage Services

Accelerate application modernization with the latest cloud-native practices from IBM Garage.


Review the documentation for a deeper look into the technical specifications of the single-node trial.


This trial is designed for migration of up to 20 simple development or test workloads using VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud with VMware HCX and IBM Cloud Private Hosted. Automation technology will install and configure Hybridity Bundle (HCX) in the IBM Cloud and provide an on-premises HCX activation key. With IBM Cloud Private Hosted, Kubernetes is a built-in component that can be deployed immediately to containterize up to two of the workloads that were migrated to the instance. A small development/test topology of IBM Cloud Private Hosted will be installed and configured automatically in just a few hours. Prerequisites include:

  • VMware vSphere and vCenter Server 5.5 or later
  • Distributed switches in the vSphere environment for the virtual machines that will be migrated
  • An HCX Manager Virtual Appliance that must be able to be deployed on a private network in the on-premises environment and must be allowed to access the internet

Get started for USD 4,000

Evaluate the IBM Cloud end-to-end migration and modernization solution by lifting, shifting and transforming applications in this 90-day trial. Licensing costs start at USD 4,000.


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