Step 1: Learn about IBM MQ on Cloud

Introductory video: 4 minutes

See how easy it is to get started using IBM MQ on Cloud. Learn how to sign up for or, if you already have one, log on with an IBMid and create your own IBM Cloud account to start using IBM MQ on Cloud.

→ Watch the introductory video  

Step 2: Explore IBM MQ on Cloud in depth

Interactive demo: 10 minutes

Want to see for yourself? Watch the 10-minute interactive demo of IBM MQ on Cloud. It introduces you to the product and shows you how to: create queue managers, message queues and channel — quickly and easily; create and manage an IBM MQ user administrator; and insert (“put”) and read (“browse”) a message in a queue.

→ Watch the demo  

Interactive demo: 10 minutes
Step 3: Try IBM MQ on Cloud

Step 3: Try IBM MQ on Cloud

Tutorial and trial: 20 – 30 minutes

Ready to try IBM MQ on Cloud? Use the tutorial while running the trial. Log on to IBM Cloud with your IBMid to: launch IBM MQ on Cloud, deploy and administer a queue manager, administer the IBM MQ on Cloud service and test IBM MQ on Cloud.

→ Start Tutorial 



Need deeper MQ-level content?

Getting started is easy, but there is so much more you can do with IBM MQ on Cloud. Go to IBM developerWorks to view all MQ-related content on the cloud or wherever you are deploying MQ.