Keep an eye on your infrastructure

Every IBM Cloud server includes monitoring and easily readable reports that are always available. IBM Cloud also offers advanced monitoring and reporting options if you need more granular status awareness.

Monitor scheduled reports with true confidence

Stay Informed

Stay informed

Have performance reports and server log summaries delivered according to the schedule you define.

Customer Monitoring

Customer monitoring

Use IBM Cloud’s comprehensive API to build your own server-monitoring solution.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Let IBM Cloud worry about your servers and handle early response on any issues, while keeping you informed with timely updates, and escalating in real time as needed, based on the management policies you set.

Included with every IBM Cloud server

Standard monitoring

CA Nimsoft (Basic)

View graphs for detailed status on any server at a glance, and use customized alarms to stay as aware of status changes as you want.

Host Ping + IPMI Statistics

24x7 status on servers (up/down), subnet accessibility and network route availability.


Timely alerts for urgent issues that require your attention, ticket updates, order confirmations, payment reminders and scheduled maintenance.

 Standard Monitoring

Advanced monitoring services

Host Ping + IPMI Statistics

Add port scanning to the standard verifications.

Automated Reboot

Automatically reboot your server when monitoring detects a failure.

CA Nimsoft Monitoring (Advanced/Premium)

Add agents to the standard monitoring.

Advanced Monitoring Services

Comparing CA Nimsoft Monitoring versions

Through a single Web portal, get exactly the information you need to optimize your infrastructure’s performance and availability.

IBM Cloud infrastructure monitoring services comparison chart