Act on insights closer to where data is created

Edge computing with 5G creates tremendous opportunities in every industry. It brings computation and data storage closer to where data is generated, enabling better data control, reduced costs, faster insights and actions, and continuous operations. In fact, by 2025, 75% of enterprise data will be processed at the edge, compared to only 10% today.¹

IBM provides an autonomous management offering that addresses the scale, variability and rate of change in edge environments. IBM also offers solutions to help communications companies modernize their networks and deliver new services at the edge.

The Future of Edge Computing (05:46)

The Future of Edge Computing (05:46)


Featured 5G and edge solutions platforms

IBM Edge Application Manager

Scale and run your edge solutions anywhere with autonomous management to act on insights closer to where data is created.

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation

Evolve to zero-touch network operations with AI-powered automation

Use cases

See how edge computing can help your business

Create connected experiences

cars on interstate

Pull and analyze data from distributed devices and sensors to improve individual experiences, enhance driver safety and optimize transport.

Improve supply chain and asset management

person examining storage shelves

Orchestrate management from end to end using intelligent video analytics and AI to monitor stock, understand consumers and automate replenishment.

Enable Industry 4.0

Gather deep insight from distributed machinery and manufacturing processes and respond in real time, optimizing production lines and reducing waste.

Modernize distributed IT

person on computer

Control remote infrastructure with microcloud computing that performs real-time diagnostics and over-the-air updates, reducing costs and disruption.


Employ autonomous management that's built for scale and variability and runs anywhere

A single administrator can apply policies that will autonomously manage the scale and variability of application environments across tens of thousands of endpoints. IBM® Edge Application Manager, a full-lifecycle edge environment that runs on containers and Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud®, enables you to manage and scale workloads from edge to core — across any hybrid multicloud environment, even when disconnected. The solution is also firewall-ready and designed to protect you from attacks and container tampering.

Deliver edge-enabled industry solutions built on IBM expertise

If you’re a manufacturer grappling with the potential cost of outages in a production line, or a retailer trying to mitigate profit-sensitive issues like spillage and spoilage, there’s no shortage of business-critical use cases that can be addressed with edge computing. IBM edge-enabled solutions and services help clients deliver richer digital experiences and create greater business efficiency across Industry 4.0, supply chain, asset management and more.

Modernize telecom networks to deliver new services at the edge

Modern challenges require modern networks. Communications service providers (CSPs) must embrace cloud and virtualization as they look to deliver the 5G and edge computing services that will drive growth and improve customer experiences. Increasingly, CSPs consider automation and AI as essential to their business and network transformation. IBM telecommunications cloud solutions help CSPs improve business processes and service assurance while lowering operations costs. CSPs can run their networks on any cloud, anywhere, and accelerate the delivery of networks and services with AI-powered automation.

Extend enterprise data and AI to the edge

Accelerate data monetization with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, a unified data and AI platform that allows you to seamlessly extend applications and models to the edge for real-time insights at the source, without the need to move your data.

Infrastructure for data and AI at the edge

IBM Power® Systems and IBM Storage solutions are engineered to put AI models to work at the edge. These solutions can also unlock business insights for all types of data, including the tsunami of live visual data generated at the edge.


IBM solutions for edge computing and communications networks bring together a strong ecosystem of partners including equipment manufacturers, and network and IT providers. As part of the ecosystem, you can co-create and innovate at the edge on a global scale, developing business opportunities with both existing and new clients.

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¹"What Edge Computing Means for Infrastructure and Operations Leaders," Rob van der Meulen, Gartner Research, October 2018 (link resides outside IBM)