Db2 on Cloud features

Flexible scaling

Scale CPU up or down on your cloud database and pay for what you use on a daily basis. You can also scale CPU and storage independently. Alternatively, choose a fixed monthly subscription on a bare-metal server.

High availability

With a 99.99% uptime service level agreement, you can mitigate the effects of unplanned outages and ensure database integrity as well as select an offsite data center for failover with a few clicks.

Get started quickly

Log in to your web console via IBM Cloud. Access everything on your cloud database you need in one place including a web-based import tool, SQL editor, user management, drivers and connection information.

Data federation

Obtain a single view of all of your data by accessing data distributed across any Db2 database or Db2 Warehouse on-premises or on the cloud with a single query.

Consistently secure

Benefit from security patching and maintenance that is managed for you. Provides high availability plans, with seamless rolling security updates for your cloud database.

Enterprise grade protection for your database on cloud

Includes daily backups, at-rest database encryption, and SSL connections.

Private networking option

For clients who would like to restrict access to their cloud database, Db2 on Cloud can be deployed on an isolated network that is accessible through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Included in Db2 Bring Your Own License (BYOL) program

Announcement Letter 218-145 (PDF, 71 KB)

IBM offers true hybrid capabilities by providing access to selected Db2 on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud services at a reduced cost if the client already holds entitlements for Db2 Developer, Db2 Advanced Edition, and Db2 Workgroup Edition.

Get started with IBM's cloud SQL database

Begin developing with IBM Db2 on Cloud now using the no-cost tier.