IBM Cloud Container Registry features

Threat insights

Advanced capabilities like vulnerability scanning, deployment policy enforcement, and comprehensive risk assessment and prioritization provide security compliance insight and controls over static images and live containers.


IBM Cloud preferred image registry; pre-integrated with our Kubernetes Service for your DevOps workflow using IBM Open Toolchain or your existing CI/CD toolset.


Integrated with Identity and Access Manager and Resource Groups to provide fine-grained access controls to users within your IBM Cloud account. Integration with Docker Notary to provide image signing capabilities.

Powered by Kubernetes and Docker

Built on Docker technology and Kubernetes APIs for a single, consistent experience across different cloud infrastructures. We'll manage the master nodes; you customize the worker nodes. Deploy your application with auto-scaling policies to handle fluctuations in workloads and auto-recovery for higher availability. Leverage the value of the IBM Cloud platform by easily binding to other services, which bring cognitive and analytics capabilities to your application.

Security is built in, not bolted on

Automated encryption, private registries, isolation policies and continuous scanning of Docker images and deployed apps means your production environment will be more secure then either bare metal or a virtual machine. Application and image scanning detects vulnerabilities while you have isolated networking and storage. Control and store your images in your own private registry.

Cloud and Watson at your fingertips

Over 130 services available to enrich your app, including cognitive, persistent storage, analytics, and identity and access management. From analyzing images and video to understanding sentiment, keywords and entities from text, our Watson services enable cognitive within your applications. All with Watson on IBM Cloud.

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Other ways to store images.