From virtual servers to serverless resources

IBM Cloud compute services flexibly drives the end user experiences that you and your customers want. Whether you need to tune an application with specific OS access requirements, provide a stateless API that services high request volumes and delivers special services, or implement microservices that quickly and automatically adapt to use, IBM Cloud has you covered.


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Application compute as flexible as your business needs

Choose the compute type that enables your teams to rapidly deliver and iterate applications for the customers in your market.

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Develop cloud-enabled and cloud-native applications

IBM Cloud compute facilitates architectural and development strategies that make existing on-premises applications work with new applications developed in the cloud.

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Open source works better together

IBMers who actively participate in the IBM Cloud Foundry and Docker development projects provide the benefits of their perspective in making sure that open source code versions are optimally integrated into IBM Cloud.

Choose the right compute model

Not sure what model of compute best supports the app or service you are building? Download our helpful decision guide to point you in the right direction.

Choose your products

Move your workloads to the IBM Cloud high-performance global cloud infrastructure.

Bare Metal Servers
High-performance cloud servers configurable in hourly and monthly options

Cloud Virtual Servers
Public and dedicated virtual servers that provision and scale on demand

Mass Storage Servers
Manage your own mass storage bare metal server with the OS of your choice or deploy a turnkey appliance and placement request


SAP-Certified Infrastructure
Run and manage your SAP applications in the cloud on bare metal servers

Container Registry
Store and distribute Docker images in a managed, private registry

Kubernetes Service
Orchestrate intelligent scheduling, self-healing and horizontal scaling.

Cloud Foundry
Deploy and scale apps without manually configuring and managing servers

Cloud Functions
A polyglot functions-as-a-service (FaaS) programming platform based on Apache OpenWhisk

WebSphere Application Server on Cloud
Launch new or existing Java apps in the cloud, with single and multi-tenant options

Auto Scaling
Automatically grow or shrink your cloud environment based on demand

VMware Cloud Solutions
Seamlessly move VMware workloads from on premises to the cloud

Server Software
A comprehensive range of software options to simplify infrastructure administration.

Video: The Cloud Platform Built on Open Source

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