Deploy and run automation applications in any cloud platform

With IBM's cloud automation platform, you can design, build and run automation applications and services on any cloud, using pre-integrated automation technologies and low-code tools.

IBM Cloud Pak™ is the latest deployment option of the IBM intelligent automation software platform, available on Red Hat® OpenShift®.

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The automation imperative

Companies are using automation to drive a new wave of productivity and customer experiences — freeing staff from low-value tasks and assisting them in higher-value work.

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Statistics showing cloud adoption by large enterprises

Why IBM Cloud Pak for Automation?

Your cloud, your choice

Deploy and run on any cloud platform. Migrate existing automation runtimes without application changes or data migration.

360-degree view of your operations

Collect and centralize business and system data across all platform components, gaining real-time operational performance visibility to business managers.

Easy to buy and operate

Run the platform in one flexible package with simple, consistent licensing. Only pay for what you need. Re-allocate licenses to other platform capabilities in the future.

Intelligent digital workers

Build and deploy digital workers to collaborate with humans wherever a higher level of productivity can be achieved.

Pre-integrated capabilities

Take advantage of pre-integrated workflow, content, decisioning and capture capabilities to help you intelligently digitize and automate all types of work at scale.

Drive business value with IBM's automation platform

Improve employee productivity

Automate mundane tasks and assist with knowledge work.

Enhance customer experience

Offer customers more choice, speed response times, achieve significant reach and consistency of experience in customer-facing processes.

Increase operational visibility

Collect and visualize performance data so you can optimize processes.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

The IBM Cloud Pak for Automation includes the automation software you need to start creating and deploying modern automation applications and services — built on a common analytics layer that gives you insights into your operational data and productivity. This IBM Cloud Pak also integrates with IBM Robotic Process Automation to support routine task automation.

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Graphic diagram of Cloud Pak for Automation capabilities