Step 1: Learn the basics

How to draft new APIs with IBM API Connect

IBM API Connect® has many features that make developing and publishing APIs quick and easy. In this video, which employs GitHub API, you'll see how quickly you can get started creating and testing APIs with API Connect on the IBM Cloud™. 

Interested in mastering API assembly?

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Step 2: Explore IBM API Connect

Now that you’ve learned the basics, try the 30-minute interactive demo. You'll be able to:

  • Set up the consumer-facing Developer Portal.
  • Create an API from a web service.
  • Stage and publish the API on the Developer Portal.

Watch the interactive demo

Task 6: Create an API and publish it on the Developer Portal
Image representing IBM API connect

Step 3: Try IBM API Connect

Now you’re ready to try IBM API Connect and explore the capabilities in-depth. Use the tutorial while you follow the instructions to set up your IBM API Connect environment. You’ll be able to:

  • Create a microservices app.
  • Run and test your API in the cloud.
  • Add OAuth security to your API.

Start the 20 – 30 minute tutorial


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Additional tutorials by topic

Watch video demos that teach you how to create a REST API to SOAP Service, how to secure APIs using OAuth and more.