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With the world as your laboratory, you'll push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better, no matter where discovery takes place.

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IBM Research in the heart of Europe

Watch the video to see a great place to invent - join us in IBM Research in Zurich and shape the future with us.

From Research Intern to Developer

Meet Catherine and learn about her journey to becoming a full-time SW Developer!

Welcome to the Think Lab!

Take a peek at the Think Lab, a place, where you can define what's next.

Why choose IBM

We aspire to make a lasting, positive impact on the world in business ethics, the environment, and the communities in which we work and live in.

Tech for social impact

We actively support initiatives like Call for Code that bring technology to communities in need. Working with partners like the United Nations and the Linux Foundation on open source projects, we're able to fight systemic racism, improve clean water access and more.

Driving innovation through diversity

We empower our IBMers to exemplify behavior that fosters a culture of conscious inclusion and belonging, where innovation can thrive. We're dedicated to promoting, advancing and celebrating plurality of thought from those of all backgrounds and experiences.

Learning new skills every day

Not only has IBM pledged to skill 30 million people globally by 2030, our IBMers have also committed to achieve a minimum of 40 hours of personal learning every year through our skills programs.

Roles in Research Explore a few of our key job categories. Quantum Research Scientist

Conduct ground-breaking research into new superconducting microwave devices and develop new ways to operate them in the field of quantum computing.

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Cloud Research Scientist

Work on cutting-edge research in cloud infrastructures, specifically networking, contributing to state-of-the-art products, services, open source and innovation.

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Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Develop safe, explainable and responsible AI systems utilizing knowledge-based and data-driven AI techniques.

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