What does IBM do at Wimbledon?

By combining the power of hybrid cloud and AI, IBM Consulting worked with Wimbledon to co-create an open and flexible platform of innovation giving millions of fans a unique, personalised digital experience. This platform transforms massive amounts of tennis data into meaningful and engaging insights for fans, automates key business processes, and secures Wimbledon's entire environment.

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Match Insights with IBM Watson

IBM Power Index with Watson

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The same combination of technology and IBM Consulting experience behind Wimbledon is also driving digital transformation with IBM clients around the world.

Customer experiences

Audi and IBM Consulting put innovation in the driver's seat

Digital transformation

Coca-Cola European Partners modernises on a hybrid cloud

Digital transformation

Natwest uses AI-powered, cloud-based technology to make home buying easier

Data Driven

Lufthansa uses AI to help the airline’s customer experience really take off

Machine learning

Citi uses machine learning, NLP and AI to transform critical audit workflows

Automated supply chains

Carthartt uses AI technology to predict supply and demand

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