Smarter supply chain: built for today and ready for tomorrow.

Join us at the Europe & MEA Supply Chain Academy Series to learn:

  • Thriving in the New Normal, how to Emerge Smarter
  • Manage Disruptions with end to end visibility
  • Smarter Supply Chains: Built for today, ready for tomorrow
  • The future of delivering on more customer promises

The EMEA Supply Chain Academy consists of 8 sessions filled with engaging topics, insightful debates and is aimed at helping you understand how to succeed when faced with complex supply chain disruptions and do this in a fully integrated approach.

How retailers are emerging smarter in the New Normal

Learn how retailers can deliver the perfect order with an intelligent fulfillment platform in order to adapt to a volatile market environment.

Benedikt Furrer (Nordic CTO & Executive Partner Global Business Services)
Gerhard Peterlic (Client Solution Professional, Watson Supply Chain)

Top 3 Use Cases for AI & Blockchain for supply chain

Learn how top companies are using Blockchain and AI to make the right decisions and scale them in order to build an intelligent supply chain.

Anne-Sophie Verdonck (Europe/MEA Blockchain IBM Food Trust Solution)
Richard Burghause (Technical Lead Order Management)
Emiliano Pacelli (European SW Deployment Advocate & B2B and Supply Chain technical team lead)

Real examples of resilient supply chains

Learn about the importance of cognitive end-to-end visibility and how you can optimise supply chain performance with AI. Deep dive in real use cases and see what solutions have adopted other companies.

Hayder Assam (Omni Channel Leader, Europe - IBM Sterling)
Emiliano Pacelli (European SW Deployment Advocate & B2B and Supply Chain technical lead)

How to make an impact on your balance sheet through your supply chain in the next 12 months

Get insights on how to break free from inventory visibility challenges across your supply chain and extend value with an open, customizable platform.

Roger Needham (Senior Supply Chain Consultant, IBM Sterling Solutions)
Blair Downs (IBM Sterling Channel Architect, Platforms & Solutions, Europe)

How intelligent workflows can drive resiliency, agility & predictability

Learn how to use intelligent automation and AI to support demand management and forecasting in order to quickly and efficiently adjust operations in response to rapid changes.

Tom Woodham (Partner, CPR Supply Chain & Procurement Leader UK&I)
Takshay Aggarwal (Partner /CPR COC Leader, Supply Chain)

How to build a smart, sustainable and cognitive supply chain

Listen to a panel discussion on how to build a smart, sustainable and cognitive supply chain. Leading consultants and industry subject matter experts discuss real-life examples and use cases as well as the solutions behind them.

Matthias Gräfe (Director of Global Supply Chain Transformation)
Richard Bolton (Associate Partner - UKI Supply Chain Capability Lead)
Burt Jordan (Retired VP of Global Vehicle and Supply Chain Sustainability at Ford Motor Company)

How to give customers what they want, when they want

Learn what issues companies must overcome in fulfilling customer demand. Hear from worldwide transport and logistics leader Geodis, on why going multichannel is a requirement and what blockers you need to address in order to meet customer expectations.

David Hogg (IBM Sterling Supply Chain Leader)
Ashwani Nath (Geodis Vice President, E-Commerce)
Frank Ralph (Associate Partner, Global Business Services & B2B and Supply Chain technical lead)

Digitizing your supply chain and what's next

Join Stefanie Naujoks, Research Director at IDC, who is  sharing  insights about how companies are embarking on their journey to recovery in response to COVID-19. Stefanie is  sharing results of IDC's ongoing COVID-19 impact surveys as well as a recent supply chain survey.

Stefanie Naujoks (Research Director for IDC Manufacturing Insights)
Chris Hayes (Product Marketing, Supply Chain)
Jan Pieter de Hoogh (Sterling, B2B Integration Leader)

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