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Working within the constraints unique to the public sector, we combine best practices like design thinking, agile methodology, DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) with the industry expertise we’ve developed by working with the world’s largest companies and organisations.

Increasing efficiency with Watson Assistant

Every day, valuable police time is wasted on manual tasks when officers could be out in the streets. By streamlining calls from the public and implementing self-servicing capabilities, the police can respond faster to emergencies. Discover how IBM Watson Assistant can transform your constabulary.

Technology against domestic abuse

In response to a global surge in domestic violence, that led to a UN call for measures, IBM proposes five design principles aimed at combating a new breed of domestic abuse: technology-facilitated coercive control.

Civic solutions

Public sector innovation

See how IBM solutions are being used to address challenges in the public sector.


Human trafficking and modern slavery are global problems that take many forms. See how IBM technology is helping to disrupt crime networks at their source.

Excellence in Policing (EIP) Conference

National Police Chiefs’ Council Performance Management Coordination wanted to make EIP a new and innovative experience for the police service. They partnered with IBM Watson Media in 2020, as the event went virtual for the first time.

Core values

Innovation for a better world

IBM is putting its core values into action both inside and outside of company. Find out more about the impact we are making both inside and outside the organization.

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