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IBM has an exciting presence planned across London Tech Week events covering all aspects of technology and innovation. From the Opening Ceremony on 10th June and throughout the week there are opportunities to meet IBM and hear from our clients and subject matter experts.

Join the London Tech Week Leaders in Tech Summit and Future of Work Summit to hear how Leaders are shaping the future of industry and society today.

Also, you can visit IBM at TechXLR8 to experience first hand how organisations are benefiting from AI, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain and other disruptive and innovative technologies. Read more below

Our speakers

Alexandra Willis

Alexandra Willis

Head of Communications,Content & Digital, All England Lawn Tennis Club

Andrew C. Bennett

Andrew C. Bennett
Worldwide Sales Leader, IBM

Bill Kelleher

Bill Kelleher
Country General Manager, IBM UK

Lindsay Herbert

Lindsay Herbert
Inventor & Senior Technology Leader, IBM

Ron Argent

Ron Argent
CEO & Founder, Cognition Foundry

Seth Dobrin

Seth Dobrin
Chief Data Officer, Data & AI, IBM

Tom Stockwell

Tom Stockwell
Chief Operating Officer, Vodafone

Ritika Gunnar

Ritika Gunnar
VP, Data and AI Expert Labs and Learning, IBM

Dylan Boday

Dylan Boday
Director, Offering Management, Cognitive and Scale-out Systems, IBM Systems, IBM

Taylan Kamis

Taylan Kamis
CEO, DeepZen

Michael Valocchi

Michael Valocchi
General Manager and Chief Innovation Officer, IBM & Vodafone Partnership

Activations at TechXLR8

Silent Theatre
Up close and intimate; these sessions enable you to tune in to inspiring tech talk sessions led by our clients, partners and IBM experts. Headphones are used to provide an immersive experience.

This is IBM
By clicking on the images on this screen you’ll discover the impact IBM has on everyone, every day. This is the world we’re helping to build. This is IBM.

IBM Services Progress Bar
Grab 3D printed objects from a sushi style conveyor and reveal their hidden stories on the digital screens.

Accelerate your Journey to Cloud
IBM Cloud is the cloud for smarter business

Trusted as a faster, more secure journey to the cloud by thousands of enterprises, across more than 20 industries. Learn how IBM Cloud helps you build and deploy across multicloud and existing IT to maximize ROI with a flexible, open-source approach.

Accelerate your Journey to AI
A digital experience showcasing five client stories that illustrate IBM's unified, prescriptive approach to accelerating your journey to AI.

IBM Garage Innovation Wall
Explore how IBM Cloud and Analytics solutions and strategies help businesses innovate like a start-up and scale for the enterprise.

IBM Cloud Desk
Explore a faster, more secure journey to cloud.

Find out more from the IBM Cloud team about the full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private and hybrid environments. Built with a robust suite of advanced data and AI tools and drawing on deep industry expertise to help you on your journey to the cloud.

IBM Technology Garden
Step into the Technology Garden and discover how IBM is turning Wimbledon Championship data into art. Each colourful visualisation represents a distinctive and unique ‘flower’ nurtured and fed by tournament data.

Visit the IBM Technology Garden and discover the art of the possible.

Virtual Reality Security Operations Centre
Step inside a virtual SOC and play different cyber security scenarios in this Virtual Reality experience.

Minimise downtime: Detect and anticipate asset health risks
Issues with production assets can cause painful damage in asset performance. Automated failure analysis and comprehensive remote monitoring of asset health assigns immediate response for repair work, orders and AR supported instructions - minimising downtime for maintenance technicians and increase OEE (overall equipment efficiency).

IBM Watson IoT Worker Insights
IBM Watson IoT Worker Insights places compliance at the center of safety, making it easier to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace. It uses IBM Internet of Things (IoT) technology and advanced analytics to enhance the human experience – allowing workers to automate and improve efforts to ‘Think, Inform and Act’ in the workplace.

IBM infuses cognitive computing into worker safety initiatives to enable greater use of digital data - driving toward more proactive and personalised safety programs.

IBM Services
Innovation in Augmented Reality and Mobile Solutions

Logicalis UK Ltd: IoT – A fresh view on how to tackle food waste
Industry 4.0 is playing an increasingly pivotal role in helping eliminate avoidable food waste that is costing the manufacturing industry billions.
Visit Logicalis’ demo booth and explore how IoT and data analytics can be used to create zero-waste food production methods, while eliminating over-production and getting more responsive to the market demand.

Version 1 is a specialised Advanced Analytics Solutions Company that help its customers deliver tangible RoI through actionable data insights. Our Inventory Insights Solution is an Analytics based Inventory Management capability that will enable you to reduce your inventory levels by up to 40% by removing obsolete stock and optimising stock levels and reorder points. Our Predictive Maintenance solution access multiple data sources in real time to predict asset failure so that your organization can avoid costly downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.

Case studies

IBM Helps Protect Endangered African Rhinos with IoT Technology.

Adverse weather can drive demand from 30m to 100m users at any time. To meet extreme scalability challenges The Weather Company engineering its entire web platform around IBM Cloud to scale as fast as the weather happens.

IBM and Vodafone combining global capabilities and industry expertise in new venture that will act like a start up. Customers will benefit from open, flexible technologies they need to integrate multiple clouds and prepare for the next wave of digital transformation.


Webinar: Thrive in a Multicloud World, 5th June, 11am

Exclusive webinar on how to thrive in a multicloud world. Adopting multiple clouds is a sound business strategy.

Webinar: Every Second Counts, 4th June, 11am

Exclusive webinar in association with IBM on why every second counts when it comes to cyber security.

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Download this Forrester Total Economic Impact™ report to help you identify the cost, benefits, flexibilities and risk factors of working with IBM Blockchain.

Power Systems

Read this IDC report to find out how regular server updates can pay off big for your business.

Ponemon Institute's 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview

The 2018 industry benchmark study independently conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM Security

Bringing VMware to public cloud

Bringing VMware Environments to the Public Cloud

Multicloud Field Guide

A field guide to multicloud management. How multicloud environments are proliferating in surveyed organizations . Benefits of multicloud management. An approach to managing multicloud environment.

API for Dummies Book

Discover APIs for dummies and learn how by using them you will improve your work.

Guide to conversational A.I. for the enterprise

Digital White Paper

Gartner: Three Ways That AI Will Impact Your Data Management and Storage Strategy

Analyst Whitepaper

Why Leaders Modernize Enterprise Applications

Forrester Report - Beneath the Surface of Digital Transformation: Why Leaders Modernize Enterprise Applications

Business Partners

At Logicalis, we see ourselves as architects of change. We work closely with our customers across multiple business cycles to ensure they get the best business outcome from their investments in digital platforms, data and IoTas their digital strategy evolves. With a solid global market perspective, a strong regional presence and with over 20 years’ experience in delivering IBM state-of-the-art enterprise solutions, we can support businesses to turn their ambitions into reality. So, whether you’re looking to enhance your current IT infrastructure, or adopt new digital capabilities and unlock the power of data, Logicalis has the experience and know-how to help.

Version 1 proves that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. We are trusted by global brands to deliver IT services and solutions which drive customer success. Our 1300 strong team works closely with our technology partners to provide independent advice that helps our customers navigate the rapidly changing world of IT. Our greatest strength is balance in our efforts to achieve Customer Success, Empowered People and a Strong Organisation, underpinned by a commitment to our values. We believe this is what makes Version 1 different and more importantly, our customers agree.