[Webinar] How to deliver at pace with Cloud Native

Find out how you can reduce up to 50% the infrastructure hardware and licensing cost by using IBM and Red Hat solutions together.

Start-up speed at enterprise scale

A place where you can experiment with big ideas and emerging technologies for real market outcomes.

Deliver accelerated results

Innovate in the cloud

Explore new technologies, shift your perspective, and change the rules. Experience the IBM Garage, a hands-on experience grounded in the IBM Garage Method with outcomes based on proven reference architectures and technologies.

Leverage data and analytics

Unlock insights from deep within your data to energize your applications, protect your enterprise data by achieving unified governance, and manage your data so that you can store, manage, and analyze it wherever and whenever you need it.

Adopt the cloud and transform

Enterprises that develop and execute a cloud adoption and transformation strategy and take full advantage of new technologies can transform their business models and set a new direction for entire industries.

Creating an intelligent chatbot

UBank — Australia’s first online-only bank — used the IBM Garage Method and an IBM Cloud™ toolchain to develop an intelligent customer-facing chatbot, which resulted in a 15-percent higher home-loan completion rate.

Change how you work

The IBM Garage Method is IBM's approach to enable business, development and operations to continuously design, deliver and validate new function. The practices, architectures and toolchains cover the entire product life cycle from inception through capturing and responding to customer feedback and market changes.

Get started with IBM Garage

Have your development team connect with an IBM Garage expert in London to review your current state, outlook and strategy. Developers can gain valuable skills for modernizing an app or building a new one. They can learn best practices, toolchains and architectures for building a minimal viable product. They can then continue the project using knowledge gained through IBM Garage.

Does your team have previous cloud-native experience? Developers can engage IBM Garage experts to review best practices, toolchains and architectures. They can discover new ways to enhance and extend applications with IBM Watson®, IoT and blockchain services.